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TV Recap: “Community,” ‘Contemporary Impressionists’

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I’m not entirely sure what to make of this episode. Was it one of the better episodes? No. Was it one of the funniest, not really, but it had a few moments. Is something significant going to come out of this episode?

It took a few minutes to settle into this one. The opening was more meandering than the show typically is, and the fact that the characters had seemingly just returned from Winter Break raised some questions (I assume this was a result of the hiatus in some way. That still leaves me wondering, though, when exactly did last week’s episode take place?). At least Chang had a fairly funny re-entry to the series.

Anyway, post-credits, the episode took shape.

It seems Abed has developed somewhat of an addiction to celebrity impersonators and, as a result, racked up quite a bit of debt. The study group volunteers to help Abed settle his debt by serving as impersonators themselves at an upcoming bar mitzvah. Troy discovers that if sometihng goes wrong, Abed is liable to have his legs broken by impersonator thugs. For the record, the impersonations were as follows:

Jeff- Ryan Seacrest
Annie- Anne Hathaway
Abed- Jamie Lee Curtis (This one was a stretch.)
Shirley- Oprah Winfrey
Troy- Young Michael Jackson
Britta- Old Michael Jackson
Pierce- Fat Marlon Brando (despite him wanting to be Burt Reynolds.)

As expected, there are bumps in the road, but ultimately, the debt is settled.

This week’s secondard story revolved around Jeff’s out-of-control narcissism as a result of a new shrink and anti-anxiety medication. At the bar mitzvah, his apple-represented ago is constantly swelled by compliments and awards, resulting in him eventually losing control, Hulk-style.

Maybe it was just the novelty of seeing him back, but I actually enjoyed Chang this episode in the C-plot as he welded a trnquilizer gun, had a funny thought bubble gag, and tried to recruit security interns.

As a whole, this installment was just sort of… manic. Everyone was either semi-sidelined or acting a wee bit crazy. It just did not feel natural for the group. Then, the episode ends with several scense involing pairs of characters, including Troy and Abed in their apartment and Jeff and Britta near the highway. In each, the characters just sort of layed out exactly what is supposed to be gained from the experiences of the evening. It felt forced. It I’m sure something will come from this, maybe sometihng signicant, but as of now, it is still too hard to know exactly what we are supposed to take away.

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