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‘The Office:’ Will Ferrell makes his debut to mixed reviews

For people who have made careers out of their egos, including notably Ricky Gervais and Steve Carell on their respected versions of “The Office,” Will Ferrell is not exactly high on my list of favorite comedians. In fact, he’s fairly low. His debut appearance on Thursday’s “Office” as DeAngelo Vickers, which drew nearly 7.7 million viewers, certainly wasn’t bad, although it didn’t exactly assuage thoughts of how this show will continue without Michael Scott. Continue reading ‘The Office:’ Will Ferrell makes his debut to mixed reviews

Ratings Report

DVR numbers: Friday night’s ‘Smallville,’ ‘Dollhouse’ post big gains


Image courtesy of Wallychamp.com

These days, television obsessees are just excited for the DVR ratings as they are for the normal overnights, and with the extra stress of having to wait a couple weeks, DVR figures are even more anticipated. Obviously the DVR figures factor into the network’s plans for the future, as a number of shows hope that the audience shows up at some point.

Well, after the first round of numbers hit the internet today, there’s some good news for Friday night’ers Dollhouse and Smallville. The two cult favorites have been pulling in pretty tepid figures (though not AWFUL for Fridays), but saw the biggest increase in viewership because of the DVR. Continue reading DVR numbers: Friday night’s ‘Smallville,’ ‘Dollhouse’ post big gains

Industry News

The CW’s failures: Anyone surprised?


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I really hate that I’m having to do this already. This is only the first day of week 2 of the new television season and I’m having to whip up a piece lambasting the CW.

But when the network is this awful, it’s impossible not to comment. Continue reading The CW’s failures: Anyone surprised?

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Ratings Report: ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Cougar Town’ open big

Image courtesy of NY Daily News

Critics have been talking up Modern Family all summer, but some (like myself) wondered how that buzz would actually translate to viewers.

Well, I think we have our answer. Family debuted to really, really great numbers last night — 12.7 million viewers and a surprising-to-me 4.3/12 in the 18-49 demographic. . . . → Read More: Ratings Report: ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Cougar Town’ open big

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Is it all over for ‘Heroes?’

By now, we all know the Heroes story. But just in case you don’t: Massively successful, albeit slightly overrated first season with a weak season finale. Major creative force Bryan Fuller leaves to develop Pushing Daisies. Season two starts way too slow, makes little sense and is mercy killed by the WGA strike. Critics began to question the show’s quality and overall direction. Ratings dipped. Season three is messy, stupid and though marginally better than S2, continues the decline in quality. Bryan Fuller comes back in the latter half of S3, quality improves slightly, but ratings continue to dip, fans leave in droves.

Over the summer, the big idea for S4 is revealed. And it is….a traveling circus. And Claire turning lesbian. Bryan Fuller leaves again.

So leading in to last night’s two-hour premiere, NBC was probably hoping to get out alive with decent to mediocre ratings (maybe like 7.5 million viewers, mid 3’s in the 18-49 demo) and some buzz online.

Uh, sorry NBC. 14 hours after the premiere ended on the East Coast, it is not looking good. Could it be time to do what should have been done two years ago? Is it time to kill Heroes? Continue reading Is it all over for ‘Heroes?’

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‘Glee’ given full season

Image courtesy of Yahoo

After only two fairly successful episodes against weaker competition, Glee has been given a full, 22-episode season order by FOX today, according to various sources.

After a 3.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic in week one, the ratings only dipped 9 percent in week two. Good news, but we’ll see . . . → Read More: ‘Glee’ given full season

Awards shows

Emmys wrap: NPH shines, ratings rise


The Emmys are usually a stiff, boring affair. Last night, things were still pretty stiff and boring.

But host Neil Patrick Harris did his best to make the show as enjoyable as possible, whether it was when he dryly delivered the “worst performance” information about each presenter or his sly reaction to losing in the Best Supporting Actor, Comedy Series category — something he should have won. I have already said this a few times, but it was obvious just from their back and forth post-winner announcement, winner Jon Cryer can’t hold a candle to NPH. Continue reading Emmys wrap: NPH shines, ratings rise


‘Leno’ round-up: Reviews are (surprise!) bad; Ratings (somewhat surprise!) good

The video above will allow you to watch the full premiere episode of The Jay Leno Show.

But you probably don’t want to, because for as much as NBC and Leno wanted us to think that there would be more different between the new program and the old program than the 95 minute-earlier timeslot, they lied. The Jay Leno Show is just like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno minus a desk. Continue reading ‘Leno’ round-up: Reviews are (surprise!) bad; Ratings (somewhat surprise!) good

Cable News

‘Men,’ ‘Blood’ set ratings records

Image courtesy of AMC

What a fantastic Sunday night for cable television.

Both MAD MEN and TRUE BLOOD hit ratings records for their respective episodes on Sunday night. MEN’s first airing was watched by more than 2.8 million viewers, a 34 percent increase from the S2 premiere. Over on HBO, BLOOD’s fantastic episode was watched by 4.5 million viewers, continuing its string of week-to-week increases.

These are two major victories for both HBO and AMC, both also a signifer of something I have noticed this summer — cable television is back. Continue reading ‘Men,’ ‘Blood’ set ratings records

Cable TV

USA’s growing success: How jealous are the broadcast powers?


The USA network has been a growing presence in the television industry over the past few years, but seemingly did not get as much press as other cable nets like AMC or even TNT.

Yet in the last year or so, USA has been on fire.

The programming is pushing top-notch, though it might not be to the levels of quality on the aforementioned AMC or the pay channels like HBO or Showtime. Sure, programs like PSYCH or ROYAL PAINS are not quite on the same level of storytelling as say, MAD MEN, but I think USA has succeeded because they understand what viewers want in the summer — more light-hearted, fun, but still smart content. Continue reading USA’s growing success: How jealous are the broadcast powers?