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Box Office Numbers

Industry News: Weekend Update

Weekend Box Office:

Immortals $ 32,000,000
Jack and Jill $26,000,000
Puss in Boots $25,500,000
Tower Heist $13,200,000
J. Edgar $11,470,000

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The real winner at the box office this weekend may have been Paranormal Activity 3, reaching $100.8 million domestically and $189 million dollars internationally. The movie’s budget was a mere $5 million dollars…somehow I sense there will be a fourth movie…

New this Week, Trailer Park, A first look at the Hobbit, and Gossip after the jump….

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Box Office Numbers

Industry News

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Weekend Box Office:

1.) Puss in Boots: $33,035,000

2.) Tower Heist: $25,100,000

3.) A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas: $13,065,000

4.) Paranormal Activity 3: $8,525,000

5.) In Time: $7,700,000


  • Puss in Boots continues to dominate the competition, although not much can be said for the challengers.

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Box Office Numbers

Industry News: Weekend Update

New This Weekend:

Tower  Heist (Today)

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Ben Stiller and Edie Murphy must really need money or something?…you can’t seriously be thinking of going to see this travesty…(trailer)
A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (Today)

If you smoke enough, anything is funny? (trailer)
Possible redeeming quality: Neil Patrick Harris

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New Show Scorecard Revisited: ‘Terra Nova’

Commander Taylor and Jim Shannon look to fight something that's probably not a dinosaur. (credit:

On its week off, we take a look at the much-hyped dino drama brought to you by Steven Spielberg himself. I faithfully scheduled and rescheduled this premiere date on my calendar as it is was continually pushed back, and even when the pilot left something to be desired, I was optimistic. But the five episodes I have endured so far has smooshed that optimism is a tiny speck of what it used to be. But it’s still there! Let’s talk improvements.

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New Show Scorecard: ‘Once Upon A Time’

Hopefully, this glaring hodge-podge of Photoshop isn't indicative of the quality of the programming. (credit:

Fairy tales have hit a major resurgence, with dozens of movies in the works and two network shows premiering this year featuring the subject matter. Once Upon A Time has an interesting take that viewers already seem to appreciate, taking in a competitive number of viewers, given its sportsy competition (World Series, Sunday Night Football).

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New Show Card Revisited: ‘Revenge’

Emily plots away with the tag-along help of billionaire Nolan. (credit:

Revenge certainly is sweet for ABC this year, at least in the soap department. With all their other big hits facing their last seasons, Revenge is fresh and a solid hit for the 10 pm time slot. (It doesn’t hurt that their Mad Men knockoff, Pan Am, bested NBC’s Playboy Club.) The show is doing well in the prime demographics, and could continue to pick up viewers if it adds more juicy plot twists, especially around sweeps.

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New Show Scorecard Revisited, “2 Broke Girls”

Max and Caroline aren't exact rolling in the dough. (credit:

While Weekend Watchers didn’t originally review 2 Broke Girls, it definitely deserves a look if you still have space in your fall schedule…it’s now a bonafide hit! It was the fourth of the now nine shows from the 2011-2012 crop to be given a full season order. And from last night’s ratings, it’s now part of the highest rated comedy block in viewers 18-49, and the most watched overall since 2003 (via a CBS press release).

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TV Recap: ‘Boardwalk Empire’ “What Does the Bee Do?”

Last week’s episode of “Boardwalk Empire” was exceptionally strong, but I was in the minority in thinking the B-plot with Lucy’s pregnancy and trapped lifestyle was any good. It was said that the reason people keep returning to Prohibition Era Atlantic City, despite having to slog through such annoying plot lines, was the show’s natural bravado.

And I feared for a moment that even the bigness of Nucky Thompson could not overcome what I initially perceived to be meaningless development for Chalky’s family, the stoic two-face Richard Harrow, Margaret’s housekeeping with the servants and the bumbling agents working under Nelson Van Alden. But each story remarkably ended with an unexpected explosion of events, one story quite literally. Continue reading TV Recap: ‘Boardwalk Empire’ “What Does the Bee Do?”

Cable TV

NBC Comedy Update Podcast

Image Courtesy of Screen Rant

Sometimes the failing of having ambitious colleagues is having their schedules not align with yours. So much as I would’ve liked to discuss the Thursday night NBC comedies, “Parks and Recreation,” “The Office,” “Community” and “Whitney” with Brad Sanders, Mikel Kjell and Jonathan Streetsman, I’m here writing this summary post at 1:00 a.m.

It’s a short podcast that you can listen to here:

They touch on a bunch of great stuff and I can agree with most of what they said. To boil down their thoughts on each of the four shows as I throw in commentary of my own:


“Community” has certainly been solid in its first three episodes back, but it hasn’t had as wonderful of a kick start as Season 2 did. The guest stars have been underdeveloped, Chang’s new story arc as a security guard basically sucks and every episode has a meh B-plot that seems as though it’s there only to accommodate the big cast that now includes Jim Rash as a full time cast member, amongst others. Britta’s exclusion from the Model UN is a good example of this. Continue reading NBC Comedy Update Podcast


‘Free Agents’ Canceled

Kathryn Hahn's face sums up everyone else's reaction to 'Free Agents.' (credit:

NBC canceled its second show of the season today, the abysmal Free Agents. For being gifted comedic actors, Hank Azaria and Kathryn Hahn managed to be dreadfully boring in this British ripoff and the cancellation doesn’t come as much of a . . . → Read More: ‘Free Agents’ Canceled