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Box Office Numbers

Industry News: Weekend Update

Weekend Box Office:

Immortals $ 32,000,000
Jack and Jill $26,000,000
Puss in Boots $25,500,000
Tower Heist $13,200,000
J. Edgar $11,470,000

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The real winner at the box office this weekend may have been Paranormal Activity 3, reaching $100.8 million domestically and $189 million dollars internationally. The movie’s budget was a mere $5 million dollars…somehow I sense there will be a fourth movie…

New this Week, Trailer Park, A first look at the Hobbit, and Gossip after the jump….

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Box Office Numbers

Industry News

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Weekend Box Office:

1.) Puss in Boots: $33,035,000

2.) Tower Heist: $25,100,000

3.) A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas: $13,065,000

4.) Paranormal Activity 3: $8,525,000

5.) In Time: $7,700,000


  • Puss in Boots continues to dominate the competition, although not much can be said for the challengers.

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Box Office Numbers

Industry News: Weekend Update

New This Weekend:

Tower  Heist (Today)

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Ben Stiller and Edie Murphy must really need money or something?…you can’t seriously be thinking of going to see this travesty…(trailer)
A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (Today)

If you smoke enough, anything is funny? (trailer)
Possible redeeming quality: Neil Patrick Harris

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Box Office Numbers

Weekend Box Office Recap

So I’m supposed to recap this weekend’s box office numbers.  And I guess this is going to become a weekly thing.  Because obviously, when you want to stay up to date on all the hot Hollywood industry news, the IDS  WEEKEND blog is your first stop.  Which is exactly why this blog post is rolling hot off the blog presses around midnight on Monday, because we’re always first on the scene.  It’s also why the very first box office numbers recap is being posted after the HISTORIC opening weekend battle between Rango and The Adjustment Bureau.  It’s just timely.  We have our finger on the pulse of the people.

Really though, where could you go for weekly box office reviews that are as hip as this?  Did you read that opening line?  Could I have seemed like I cared less? It was so fucking hip I could shrug.  (continued after the chart…)

TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count / Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
1 N Rango Par. $38,000,000 - 3,917 - $9,701 $38,000,000 $135 1
2 N The Adjustment Bureau Uni. $20,945,000 - 2,840 - $7,375 $20,945,000 - 1
3 N Beastly CBS $10,115,000 - 1,952 - $5,182 $10,115,000 $17 1
4 1 Hall Pass WB (NL) $9,015,000 -33.4% 2,950 - $3,056 $27,001,000 $36 2
5 2 Gnomeo and Juliet BV $6,912,000 -48.4% 2,984 -53 $2,316 $83,694,000 - 4
6 3 Unknown WB $6,620,000 -47.3% 2,913 -130 $2,273 $53,129,000 $30 3
7 8 The King’s Speech Wein. $6,501,000 -11.4% 2,240 -146 $2,902 $123,817,000 $15 15
8 5 Just Go With It Sony $6,500,000 -38.3% 2,920 -624 $2,226 $88,200,000 $80 4
9 4 I Am Number Four BV $5,702,000 -48.2% 2,903 -253 $1,964 $46,440,000 $60 3
10 6 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Par. $4,325,000 -53.9% 2,254 -556 $1,919 $68,876,000 $13 4
11 N Take Me Home Tonight Rela. $3,500,000 - 2,003 - $1,747 $3,500,000 - 1
12 7 Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son Fox $3,300,000 -56.7% 1,642 -1,179 $2,010 $33,270,000 $32 3

Very… interesting?  I don’t know, it’s a chart.  Charts are another one of those things that I keep expecting to be made obsolete with the release of some new iPhone app.  In reality, they’re actually very useful shortcuts at communicating information, and I know this.  Still, though, newspapers were once printed on actual pages that I had to turn, and my phone didn’t used to finish my words for me.  If we could just do away with charts I could streamline my life to the point where I had six extra minutes a day to play Angry Birds.

Anyway, those numbers.   The winner is Rango, it appears!  Which is just fine.  It’s a cartoon, and there are a lot of kids out there.  Really, this one actually looked decent, and I’ve never been partial to animated films.  I haven’t even gotten around to seeing Up yet.  It almost seemed refreshing that Rango managed to look appealing while neither being in 3D or a Pixar flick.  It’s definately going on my list of movies to watch if I happen to walk past a TV just as someone is starting it and I have nothing else to do.  Also, I’d like to see how many Fear and Loathing references they manage to squeeze in there to appease the parents.  “We can’t stop here, this is Rango country!” Continue reading Weekend Box Office Recap

Box Office Numbers

Box Office Numbers: 11/19 – 11/21

So yeah, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1″ made a shit ton of money.

$125 million in its opening weekend to be exact. It beat “The Goblet of Fire’s” record for best Potter opening weekend, and it perches handsomely at the sixth highest grossing opening weekend spot of all time. And naturally it blew everything else out of the water as well. “Megamind,” “Unstoppable” and “Due Date” each made $16 mil, $13 mil and $9 mil respectively, only then getting to the next new release in “The Next Three Days,” which made $6,750,000. Continue reading Box Office Numbers: 11/19 – 11/21

Box Office Numbers

Box Office Numbers: 10/15 – 10/17

Would someone explain to me why “Jackass 3D” made so much Goddamn money?

The movie made over $50 million in its opening weekend, setting an all time record for opening weekends in the fall months of September and October. Yes there’s an added charge for the 3-D, but Jesus Christ! The movie opened in less . . . → Read More: Box Office Numbers: 10/15 – 10/17

Box Office Numbers

Box Office Report: 10/8 – 10/10

With the blog finally updated, our new film section is in dire need of content, and at the start of each week, I’ll be bringing you Weekend Box Office Reports and analysis from now on. The pieces will include my own take on the films, the distribution problems in this country, and what these numbers mean later on in the year. For those of you wondering what happened to the Netflix updates this past week, there simply wasn’t much worth recommending. Those too will return this Friday and every Friday.

Last weekend would have been ideal to kick things off, but I’m going to address some of the films from last week in this post as well.

The big news this week is that “The Social Network,” David Fincher’s Facebook biopic and quite possibly the best movie of the year (it’s the best reviewed by a good margin) is #1 at the box office for the second week in a row. This past weekend it made $15.4 million, bringing its total to a solid $46 mil. That’s far from blockbuster territory, but it sits nicely at #47 for the highest grossing movies of the year. Hopefully good reviews, good money and good word of mouth mean big things come Oscar time. Continue reading Box Office Report: 10/8 – 10/10

Box Office Numbers

Daily Links, 03.03

Happy Tuesday folks.

“Entourage” is getting some more hot ladies on the cast, as Jami Gertz and Autumn Reeser will appear on the show in season six when it unspools this summer. Gertz will play the wife of Gary Cole’s Andrew and Reeser will show up as an agent at Ari’s firm. I like both . . . → Read More: Daily Links, 03.03

Box Office Numbers

Daily Links, 02.02

Happy Groundhog Day everyone. Though I think it’s one of the dumber things our country is known for, at least the movie was good, right? Digest some links to get you through the next six weeks of winter, or whatever the hell the damn groundhog said.

Mark this down as one of the best days . . . → Read More: Daily Links, 02.02

Awards shows

Weekend Links, Super Bowl Edition

We’re counting down the hours until the Super Bowl here at the Watchers HQ, and I figured, why not some linkage to tide us over. Speaking of the SB, we’ll have a post on some of the major teaser trailers that will air tonight [I know most of them are online already, but I’m . . . → Read More: Weekend Links, Super Bowl Edition