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Box Office Numbers

Industry News: Weekend Update

Weekend Box Office:

Immortals $ 32,000,000
Jack and Jill $26,000,000
Puss in Boots $25,500,000
Tower Heist $13,200,000
J. Edgar $11,470,000

(Studio Estimates via

The real winner at the box office this weekend may have been Paranormal Activity 3, reaching $100.8 million domestically and $189 million dollars internationally. The movie‚Äôs budget was a mere $5 million dollars…somehow I sense there will be a fourth movie…

New this Week, Trailer Park, A first look at the Hobbit, and Gossip after the jump….

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WEEKEND Watchers Official Podcast updates

Hey Watcher fans!

Just a note on the Official Podcast: If you ONLY check the blog, you’ve probably been wondering where all the pods have been and that’s my bad. I use a separate service to upload them here, and haven’t been really getting to that lately. But all that stops today/tomorrow. We just finished . . . → Read More: WEEKEND Watchers Official Podcast updates


‘Bored to Death’ gets a second season

Image courtesy of IGN

In a sort of surprising move (at least to me I guess), HBO has picked up Bored to Death for a second season. Not that I don’t like the show, it’s solid, but there really hasn’t been that much buzz about it. Critics were either marginally impressed or marginally disappointed with . . . → Read More: ‘Bored to Death’ gets a second season

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The CW’s failures: Anyone surprised?


Image courtesy of SFUniverse

I really hate that I’m having to do this already. This is only the first day of week 2 of the new television season and I’m having to whip up a piece lambasting the CW.

But when the network is this awful, it’s impossible not to comment. Continue reading The CW’s failures: Anyone surprised?

Awards shows

Emmys wrap: NPH shines, ratings rise


The Emmys are usually a stiff, boring affair. Last night, things were still pretty stiff and boring.

But host Neil Patrick Harris did his best to make the show as enjoyable as possible, whether it was when he dryly delivered the “worst performance” information about each presenter or his sly reaction to losing in the Best Supporting Actor, Comedy Series category — something he should have won. I have already said this a few times, but it was obvious just from their back and forth post-winner announcement, winner Jon Cryer can’t hold a candle to NPH. Continue reading Emmys wrap: NPH shines, ratings rise

Entertainment News

DC Comics becomes DC Entertainment


Not long after their chief rival Marvel penned a major deal with Disney that will only make competition tougher, DC Comics (and its parent company, Warner Bros.) announced a shake-up of their own today.

DC Comics is no longer. The company is now DC Entertainment. Warner noted that, “the revamp is designed to make better use of DC’s massive library of characters.” Industry insiders noted that the move was in the works for a long time.

Moreover, veteran DC Comics leader Paul Levitz, will step aside to “return to his roots as a writer for DC and become a contributing editor and overall consultant to the new company.”

So what the hell does this mean? Continue reading DC Comics becomes DC Entertainment

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Disney buys Marvel

The big news today in the entertainment industry centered around Disney’s announcement that they are buying Marvel Comics for $4 billion.

Disney noted that most of the Marvel properties like the comics division and the current film deals that various properties have with studios (like “Spiderman” and Sony or Paramount and their huge . . . → Read More: Disney buys Marvel

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‘Heroes’ tops illegal downloaders wish list


Image courtesy of

Even though it sucks and all of its ratings decreased last season, illegal dowloaders sure love HEROES.

A recent report by measurement firm Big Champagne noted that almost 55 million HEROES torrents were downloaded over the past year. Wow. I guess the show is geek-friendly, but I thought many of those folks turned on the show since its gone down the toliet — and rightfully so.

But I hope there comes a day that these illegal downloads can be infiltrated into the numbers with other ratings (Live, DVR 7-day, etc.) so we can actually see the real number of people watching these shows. HEROES averaged around 7-8 million viewers this year, but if you divide the 55 million torrents by the number of episodes, that’s at least another million viewers per ep. Better for HEROES, better for NBC.

Except the show still sucks.

The rest of the top 10 post-jump : Continue reading ‘Heroes’ tops illegal downloaders wish list

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Is Nielsen on the way out?

Let us hope so.

As Joe Adalian’s mentioned on his blog today, it seems as though a group of powerful media companies and advertisers have gotten together in hopes of finding an alternative to Nielsen’s monopoly on the ratings figures that drive television.

An original report by the Financial Times noted Time Warner, News Corp., Viacom, . . . → Read More: Is Nielsen on the way out?

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Ben Silverman out at NBC

I hate to say it, but thank goodness.

Ben Silverman, a target for harsh criticism from any follower of the television industry with a brain since he took over major control at NBC Universal in 2007, is officially stepping down from that post. Silverman will go on to create a new production company . . . → Read More: Ben Silverman out at NBC