September 18, 2010


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Of the world’s most stable countries, the US is 18th

Posted by Zach Ammerman, Opinion editor

The 2010 Failed States Index, an annual global survey conducted by a collaboration of Foreign Policy and the Fund for Peace, ranked the United States at 18th – outside of the top five, top ten, and top fifteen most stable countries in the world.

The two organizations scored every country on the planet based on an objective 120-point scale that measured criteria such as uneven development, number of refugees, economic decline, legitimacy of the state, human rights abuses, security status, demographic pressures, and external intervention.

The countries that topped the list of the most unstable nations on earth were Somalia (score: 114.3), Chad (113.3), Sudan (111.8), Zimbabwe (110.2), D.R. Congo (109.9), Afghanistan (109.3), and Iraq. (107.3)

Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Switzerland topped the list of the most stable nations.

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