April 8, 2010


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Mississippi, home of bigotry and ignorance? Who’d have guessed?

Posted by Matt Straw, IDS Columnist

Fulton, Mississippi is the home of Constance McMillen. High School student, teenager, and lesbian. After attempting to attend her senior prom in a tux, the school decided they’d rather cancel prom then let a women in a dress attend her senior prom. In order to make up for the lost prom, an alternate prom was scheduled at a later date. But it turns out, the only people who attended this event were Constance herself, and the special ed students.

It turns out that yes, there was a new prom scheduled. However, there was also a prom small get together at a country club for students as well. Apparently though, only for the non lesbian and special education department students.  Perhaps the most interesting aspect is found on the link I included, which has some comments by actual students who attempt to defend their bigotry against another student. These students use the defense that this was a private event, but that the students (at least the special ed students) could have attended, if they wanted to, and that Constance had it coming, because she was in their words essentially an annoying attention seeker.

Regardless of this young woman’s personality, particularly as a teenager, they have no right or justification to ban her from her own senior prom. It doesn’t matter whether it’s because she’s gay, or pretending to be gay, or simply annoying.  She has every right that the other students have to be at prom.  As an example, Chris Crocker may be one of the most annoying, talentless humans on the planet, but at no point is it okay for other students to say that he could or couldn’t go to his own senior prom. Besides that, MOST high school students are highly irritating and self absorbed attention seekers.

These children, and the parents who support these bigoted views, are the real life embodiment of the antagonists like John Travolta in the film Carrie. Unfortunately here, the only repercussion they will face is perhaps an angry email. These are the same people who justified segregation, Jim Crow laws, and the despicable treatment of blacks in the United States because of some misaligned perception of Blacks being an “inferior race”, and to avoid the “co-mingling” of separate races.  Because of antiquated perceptions of what is right and wrong, these fake christians, bigots and racists will continue to exist, blaming their bigotry and discrimination not on their own prejudices, but on the fault of those who they discriminate against and judge, pretending it is they who are the victims, that the blacks, or gays, or whatever other minority group seeks to destroy the very fabric of society and freedom they claim to stand for, when in fact it is people like these Mississippi bigots who stand in the way of freedom and justice, and against what the United States should be.

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Posted by Tommy at 12:36 pm on April 10, 2010

There were two private proms that night: The event at the country club chaperoned by school officials, and the other event that had been organized later. The students had a choice. McMillen expected everyone to endure her statement by force. Instead, they chose not to go to the “special” prom that was spawned by the ACLU because some girl at their school wanted to wear pants to the prom. I don’t blame them.

Posted by Matt Straw at 8:59 pm on April 11, 2010

To “endure her statement by force”? You mean attend the alternate prom that was specifically set up for the students, not the one that was secretive and not brought up?

And a girl wearing pants to a prom! The Horror! HA! Next women will be wantin’ the vote, and trying to get paid the same as men! What a farce. What. a. farce. I also don’t blame them. Who wants women thinking they can do as they want, dress as they want, and love who they want? That leads to communism, lesbianism, and witchcraft…ism. Get back in a dress, and in the kitchen ladies.

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