November 12, 2009


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Greatest Inventions of the last 10 years

Posted by Erin Chapman, IDS Columnist

As 2009 draws to a close, Newsweek has compiled a list of the top-ten most important innovations of the last ten years. Check them out online:

Their list includes Wikipedia, YouTube and – my personal favorite – Chipotle.

But, I think they left a couple out. Here are my addendums:

1) Facebook
2) iPod
3) “google” officially becomes a verb
4) the Blackberry
5) High-definition TV

What does you guys think are the defining developments of the last ten years? What did they leave out?

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Posted by gnhtyj456f3ghnyt623 at 5:16 pm on November 8, 2010

WAS up

Posted by gnhtyj456f3ghnyt623 at 5:17 pm on November 8, 2010

go to helllll men

Posted by Sarah at 2:20 pm on November 30, 2010

The iPod should be number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Diego at 11:00 am on December 2, 2010

Nothing mentioned on this list is an “invention” but rather an “innovation.”

The last great “invention” was the World Wide Web. Everything else is a derivative of a product that has all ready been invented: Cell phones, computers, TV’s. Webpages (facebook, google) are not inventions.

Posted by me at 8:45 am on September 7, 2011

what year was the hdtv invented

Posted by yo mamma at 2:01 pm on January 24, 2012

duuude these inventions are awesome!!!! wicked cool

Posted by halohalohalo at 7:26 pm on September 5, 2012


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