October 22, 2009


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Music Lovers, never fear!

Posted by Matt Straw, IDS Columnist

Creed is Here! Thank god!  They’re back! That’s right! The folks who brought you such classic third generation washed out crap as “With Arms Wide Open” “Higher” and so forth… have come back. And good to know it took less than a week for Slate to post an article reminding us how only the Music Snobs who ripped on Journey still hate them. That’s right. You have to be an uptight, effete snob to not like a band that rode the backs of the bands that rode the backs of grunge bands and used a poor version of Eddie Vedders’ voice and Child Worship to a multi million dollar career.  Because money is the sole thing that determines artistic merit. Hello, Wiggles! When did we become a nation where every band must be treated as being as good as every other band simply because they sold records? If you can’t feel the plasticity and inauthenticity of these godawful bands, the problem lies with you, not everyone else. When the next M. Night Shayamalan movie comes out,  most people won’t flip out because it’s the same formulaic drivel that he’s been puking out for nearly 15 years now.  I love Rallys, but I don’t deny that it’s nothing but greasy fast food.  And I don’t cry and throw a fit when someone points out there are great real restaurants.  Great music can be art, and shlock is schlock. Keep your Creed and Journey cds in their proper crap schlock bin, and stop trying to pretend there’s some higher value to that drivel. I prefer artists who play from their heart.

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