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Zero Boys and Medusa 3-10-10 (5 of 6)

Well I finally had some time to sit down and write after Pit Stop and spring break, so here is what I did last week! Day 5 of the Pit Stop Music Marathon featured Slam Dunk, Medusa, and Zero Boys. I talked with the Zero Boys lead singer Paul Mahern before the concert, then witnessed the insanity myself.

So you guys have played shows on and off for a few years, like you played Dudefest in Indianapolis this summer. What’s it like playing shows again with songs you’ve had for almost 30 years?

It’s a lot of fun, it’s funny and odd, playing old songs, but it’s really great to see people responding to them the way that they do. I don’t really feel like those songs are coming from me anymore, but a lot of people that come to those shows own those songs as much as we do.

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