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S. Carey Q&A

An amazing amount of talent has already come to Bloomington in just the past few days, but this Tuesday’s show with The Tallest Man on Earth and S. Carey at The Bluebird makes me even more excited.

The show starts at 9 PM and is $12adv/$14 at the door. If you’re 21, come out and enjoy some great music.

Below is an interview I conducted with S. Carey, originally seen in last week’s edition of WEEKEND:

Katie: What kind of quirks do you have when you’re writing?
S. Carey: I actually get a lot of ideas when I’m away from my instruments — when I’m out taking a walk or when I’m driving. I also feel the late night, chill lamp-light energy is when I try new things and get creative.

Katie: You went to University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire as a classical percussionist. Was there a monumental moment in your life when you knew that you wanted to be a musician?
Carey: Not really. Music was always a part of me. My parents brought me up on James Taylor, The Beach Boys and Bruce Hornsby. I started playing drums in the fifth grade, and I’ve been making music ever since.

Katie: Before coming out with a solo album, you played a central role in Bon Iver’s live shows. How did that collaboration come about?
Carey: I became Justin’s drummer after I learned all his songs on MySpace and approached him at his first show as Bon Iver. We sang through a few songs backstage and realized our voices really went well together. I played with him that night, and we’ve been collaborating ever since. It was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done.

Katie: What was the most difficult part of being on the road?
Carey: The hardest part for all of us is just being away from home. We’re from Eau Claire, Wis., and we’re home-boys, meaning we like the peace and quiet of home. We have a strong sense of home, family and friends.

Katie: You’re currently on tour with The Tallest Man on Earth. What is touring and playing with him like?
Carey: He is honestly one of the greatest performers in the world right now. He is captivating. His guitar playing, singing, his songs, lyrics — they’re all amazing. We are so honored to be on this tour.

Katie: Can you explain the recording process for “All We Grow”?
Carey: I was touring a lot with Bon Iver, but whenever I was home I would record a new idea or add another layer to an existing song. It would have these little bursts of writing and recording, and then I would have to leave again. Sometimes when I was gone, I would have the other musicians like Jeremy Boettcher and Nick Ball, bass and guitar respectively, go in and record when I wasn’t there. I would just have them do their thing, and then when I got home, I could go through it and pick what I liked. It was a patient process, but eventually it felt complete. It feels so good to have it released.

Katie: What other musicians inspired you when you were creating the album?
Carey: The musicians that played on the album were inspiring for sure. They made the songs instantly more interesting and layered. Justin has always been inspiring, and he was such an amazing guide through the whole process. As for other bands; Megafaun, Bowerbirds, A.A. Bondy, Collections of Colonies of Bees, Feist, Sigur Ros to name a few.

Katie: When you first started writing the album you met your wife, and the album really touches on all the emotions of falling in love. How would your album be different if you hadn’t had that inspiration?
Carey: Wow. There probably wouldn’t be an album. I could’ve written some songs, but they wouldn’t hold the maturity, completeness and confidence that I think these songs have.

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