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Meadows Fortune; Bear’s Place
Wednesday, 9 PM

With a chorus consisting of “this is my last goodbye/ so dry your eyes there are no tears/ to cry,” the music of Meadows Fortune, Jacobs School of Music graduate and long time Bloomington-er Jeffery Todd, seems an act better suited for summer graduations and weddings than for the warm yellow walls of Bear’s Place. However, Todd’s vocals are beautiful and tinged sweetly with his native Nashville, and what’s more his nostalgic sentiment is real, even tear-jerking, and characterized by lifelong ambitions to perform and create. Todd’s descriptions of his first days behind the piano are given with a characteristic humility: “its enormous frame overpowering [his] small stature.” All the same, this twenty-three year old has much to brag about: his 2011 album “Reckless Believer” for instance. Aspiring to share the same Nashville venues as Taylor Swift, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Bruce Springsteen, perhaps a ‘believer’ is Todd’s perfect epithet. And yet with one listen of his “Last Goodbye,” you’re liable to be a believer as well.

Post by Brandon Cook

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