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Bloomington Electronic is one of the most hugely enthusiastic local music collectives I’ve ever had the pleasure of being aware of, and the organization’s monthly Speed of Sound showcase had its second anniversary at Rachael’s Cafe Friday night. I was unfortunately not able to stick around for the sets from Shy Guy Says and Dioxin One, but with all due respect to those acts, I have a hard time believing they would have topped the hour-and-a-half explosion Spencer Hutchinson delivered as Ersatz Modem.

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To get a taste of local music, go to Rachael’s Cafe tonight, located at 300 E Third St. There will be a local artist showcase to give those artists a chance to book a show that might have been able to otherwise.

The show is free and gives each artist the opportunity to get 20 minutes of stage-time and to promote their set ahead of time. The show usually runs from 7-9pm but last week, they kept the last act going due to the strong crowd response.

There will be more artists showcases in the future. The showcase is not an open-mic, so artists cannot expect to show up and be added to the bill. It is however, open to all local artists (comedy, burlesque, music, etc). If you are a performer and would like to be involve, please e-mail Rachael’s at rachaelsbooking@gmail.com.

Last Friday was the first show I had attended since my return to Bloomington from L.A. I had listened to Beach Fossils briefly before the show, but was mostly anticipating Small Black. Their self-titled EP had kept me company on long drives to and from the beach, and to me it epitomized the perfect summer music. With their warm vocals and dreamy synths, I couldn’t wait for that lazy, sunny feeling to translate live.

Beach Fossils Via “Impose Magazine”

I arrived at the show just as Beach Fossils had started playing. The tracks I heard before the show were okay, but seeing them live was a completely different experience. The quartet, who hails from Brooklyn, had a great energy live that easily translated to the audience. Concert-attendees couldn’t help but move to their music, which sounded more like a product of California than New York. The band even claimed that everything was out of tune because they had just gotten new equipment, but no one appeared to care or be cognizant of this.

Small Black Via “Windish Agency”

Small Black was next to take the stage, but unfortunately did not have half the energy of Beach Fossils. It’s not that they didn’t sound good, they just didn’t sound great, and therefore I would prefer to just listen to them on my stereo. They did play some of my favorite songs such as “Despicable Dogs”, so that quelled my slight disappointment. And more importantly, everyone else was dancing just as much as they had been for Beach Fossils. It’s always nice to know everyone is having a really good time at a show.

Nonetheless, it was great to be back in town at one of my favorite venues, The Bishop and discover a new band that I really dig.


Check out full details on the Live From Bloomington Club Night bands and schedule here.

Our Dino Jr. preview also came out today. Remember- even if you’re not 21 you can go to the Lou Barlow in-store at Landlocked Music tomorrow at 6 p.m.


Shows this week!

Katie and I were pretty much blown away by Sunset Rubdown this evening. Expect a lengthy post all about it tomorrow afternoon night. Whoops. Okay. Post on Tuesday. Best Sunday night ever.

But for now, here’s what we know about this week. Again, e-mail me at ohstefania@gmail.com if you know of anything else, or wanna’ talk about some shows, or what’s happening on “Gossip Girl” this week, etc.

Monday 9.22

* Punk Rock Night. Fester’s. $3. 21+.

*Parenthetical Girls, Grampall Jookabox, PWRFL Power, and Smedley Jergins. Cinemat. 8 p.m. $5. All Ages.

Kelsey and I will be there tomorrow! Parenthetical Girls is probably a band you should keep an eye on.

photo courtesy of Sarah Meadows/slendermeanssociety.com/parenthetical/

Photo courtesy of Sarah Meadows

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OH MY. Youtube clip of compilation of every “That’s what she said” from “The Office” EVER HERE.

Courtesy of Best Week ever post.

All right, on to some shows.

SATURDAY 9/20 shows.

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