Uncovering Bloomington: Start your own journey


Students prepare to exit campus as the sun begins to set on Indiana University's Sample Gates. The gates seperate Kirkwood Avenue from IUs "Old Crescent" area and serve as the univeristy's most photographed structure on campus. Andrew Williams Buy Photos

This semester we toured Bloomington together and discovered its hidden gems. Within these discoveries, there was one underlying theme.

No matter where you’re from or where you go, Bloomington is a home with so many places you may never find anywhere else.

Whether you are a student here for a short snippet in time, a newcomer who plans to stay or even a long-time resident, these places in Bloomington can be discovered and rediscovered time and time again.

What makes this town so special is its combination of big-city and small-town vibes. With all the comforts of a large city located in a smaller area with friendly faces and passionate entrepreneurs, you don’t have to go far to dive into something new or enjoy something old.

There’s character and history in just about every corner, and all of it is vital to the heartbeat of Bloomington. This column barely scraped the surface, and I know my readers know more places than I could ever discover in the four years I’ve lived here.

So, in the spirit of this column, share, spread and invite others to explore the places you love. This could be the one table where you always study or that one place you go whenever you’re having a bad day.

Before the end of the semester, I challenge you to see something new. Go catch a film at the IU Cinema, try sushi for the first time at Ami, have a new beer at the Tap, laugh at the Comedy Attic, or try a new coffee at Soma.

These places and so many more are begging you to discover and indulge.

Bloomington has a place in the hearts of those who come and go. It’s a distant memory for some, but the minute you go back and see all these places, those memories come flooding back.

You see, it’s not about food you eat or show you see, it’s about who you were with when you tried that sushi for the first time or saw your first comedy show. It’s about the conversations and laughter you shared and the experience you had. These places offer the opportunity to make those memories, but it’s up to you to take advantage.

Whether you’re ordering in or going out, surround yourself with the people you wish to remember, and go make those memories. That way, when you smell the inside of a coffee shop, you just may remember that one time in Bloomington.

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