Safe parking on and off campus


On Campus

Parking on campus can get very confusing. There are many different parking spots, garages and lots all across campus, and knowing where you can and cannot park can be frustrating. If you wish to park on campus, you will need to obtain a parking permit. Below are parking permits available to students with who is eligible and where the pass will allow you to park.


This permit is available for students, faculty and staff who demonstrate a need for disabled parking.


These permits are available to any student, faculty or staff member who wishes to park his or her motorcycle on campus. Motorcycles must be parked in the designated motorcycle parking area.


ST-permits are good for students who commute to campus and students living on campus who do not qualify for a CH-permit. Students with a ST-permit can park in the stadium lot located north of 17th Street but are
required to move their vehicle by 6 p.m. the day before all home football games. CH spots are open to all students from 5 p.m. Friday to 11 p.m. Sunday.

Evening permit

This permit is great option for students who do not drive to campus during the day. Evening permits allow students to park in any non-24-hour tow zone between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. and any CH spot from 5 p.m. Friday to 11 p.m. Sunday.


CH-, or Campus Housing, permits are for students living in residence halls. These permits are also broken down according to residence hall, which are distinguished by a number following the CH. Below is which hall has which zone.

CH1 Forest Quad, Read Center, Spruce, Willkie Quad, Mason

CH2 3rd & Union, University East Apartments

CH3 Banta, Bicknell, Hepburn, Nutt, Campus View, Evermann/Redbud Hill, Tulip Tree

CH5 Ashton Center, Eigenmann Hall, Teter Quad, Union Street Center, Wright Quad

CH6 Briscoe Quad, Foster Quad, McNutt Quad

CH7 Collins Center, Hillcrest

IU parking permits can be purchased for full-year or semester periods. Expiration dates for all permits are given on the actual permit.

Parking permits are to be hung on the rear-view mirror of the vehicle. If a student fails to have his or her permit properly displayed, the license plate will be run and the student will receive a bill.

If a car is towed on campus contact, IU Parking Enforcement at 812-855-9849. All fees must be paid before the car will be released.

All information about on campus parking and directions for how to obtain an on campus parking permit can be found at

Off Campus

There are three types of parking in Bloomington. They are metered parking, garage parking and neighborhood street parking.

Parking garages are located throughout the city and many offer monthly permit rates. Main garages are the Morton Street, Walnut Street and Fourth Street garages. Rates can be anywhere between $40 and $76 per month.

Some parking permits only allow for 12 hours of parking a day for five days a week. Other permits give 24-hour access seven days a week.

To obtain a neighborhood parking permit you must fall into one of the Neighborhood Parking Zones, which can be found on the City of Bloomington website.

Permits can be purchased Monday to Friday at City Hall in Suite 240 for $25 dollars. Each address is also entitled to purchase one visitor’s parking permit, which is also $25.

To receive a permit, applicants must show a current utility bill or signed lease to prove residence within the Neighborhood Parking Zone.

Metered parking is located throughout the downtown district. Users have the option to pay with cash, credit, debit or the Parkmobile app.

Visit the City of Bloomington website for a complete list of parking resources, costs and hours of operation.

If you receive a ticket you can pay the ticket on the City of Bloomington website or at City Hall.

All information on Bloomington parking can be found at

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