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Glass talks win against Illinois, busy time of year for department

By Robby Howard

In this week’s conversation with IU Athletic Director Fred Glass, we talk about the significance of the win against Illinois and the busy season for the IU Athletic Department.

IDS How important was that win Saturday against Illinois?

GLASS It’s hard to overstate how important it was. The Minnesota defeat was as crushing as any defeat I’ve ever been associated with. I know it was harder, even, on the players and coaches. So for them to all bounce back and have that kind of performance and win a game that way after the disappointment against Minnesota I thought was pretty extraordinary.

Especially when you consider, I think the sequence was we were up 21-14 at half, hoping to extend the lead and ended up on the wrong end of 28-21 and then fought back and had a big victory, I think it was terrific.

IDS I know that you’ve had fireworks the whole year, but were there more fireworks Saturday? It felt like there were more fireworks.

GLASS I don’t think so. The great thing was, though, we had the victory fireworks. We hadn’t had those in a while. It was great to have the victory fireworks at the end of the game. I’m looking at the victory flag right now, and to see it flying is really great.

IDS How special was that to see the victory flag raised for the first time in a month?

GLASS It was great, man. There’s few sights that I like more than to look at that beautiful victory flag flying against the crisp blue, now winter, sky. I know the team is going to do its best to keep it up there.

IDS Is it weird to think there’s only one home football game left this season?

GLASS It really is. The cycle goes so fast. Now we’re having basketball go on at the same time as football. The soccers and their postseason tournament — women’s soccer is in the NCAA Tournament for the first time in a long, long time.

So we’re busy on all fronts. And that’s good. This is the time of year where you want a lot of things going on.

With a busy weekend in IU Athletics, will you be making the trip to Madison for the football game this weekend?

GLASS I’ll go to the men’s basketball game on Friday night and then I’ll fly up to Madison on Saturday morning to be there with the football team.

With the recent history against Wisconsin, would a win in Madison mean more?

GLASS Well sure. Wisconsin is one of the premier programs not only in the Big Ten but in the country. They haven’t missed a beat under their new head coach. Camp Randall is one of the truly great venues in collegiate football.

It’s a huge challenge for our guys and would be a really significant accomplishment if we’re able to go up there and get the win.

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