Obama must be impeached and convicted

There are three combining factors cloaking him from all his impeachable offenses.

One: America has had it so well for so long that its citizens are now accustomed to blindly trusting their federal leadership.

Two: After a combined 12 1/2 painful years of the disappointing presidencies of George W. Bush and Obama, Americans have been subjected to learned helplessness.

Three: Obama is so heavily popularized.

His strong rhetoric and trendy liberal agendas made him such an attractive candidate during his 2008 campaign that even I supported him.

In other words, much of the American public, particularly young adults, was, and still is, conditioned to love Big Brother.

The Obama Administration is waging war on the Constitution.

Never has any other president taken or tolerated the amount of measures conflicting with our rights than Obama.

During a Sept. 10 speech at Depauw University, former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, said Obama has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all previous presidents combined.

Let’s not forget that the Internal Revenue Service was caught targeting particular groups for scrutiny based on their ideologies.

Yet, Obama refuses to prosecute those accountable.

There goes our First Amendment.

Obama’s trust and backing for the National Security Agency, which literally extinguishes our privacy, expresses his disdain for the Fourth Amendment.

He signed the National Defense Authorization Act allowing indefinite military detention of American citizens without due process, making both the Fifth and Sixth Amendments obsolete.

So, watch out — Obama might get you.

Our president supported shipping weapons to the radicalized sectarian Syrian opposition overseas while proposing stricter gun control policies for his own citizens.

It’s like Obama wanted to steal a piece of our Second Amendment and give it to these rebels who are slaughtering innocent civilians and blowing up Christian churches left and right.

Despite an estimated 91 percent disapproval from the American people, Obama continued beating war drums over the sketchy chemical attack that was most likely carried out by the terrorists he supported.

We also must consider his other crimes against humanity.

His drone strikes across the Middle East are costing the lives of more than just their targets.

Under Obama’s watch, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives continued to conduct the Gunwalker scandal.

This allowed the transfer of thousands of weapons into the hands of drug cartels across the Mexican border as a part of some disgusting federal investigation that got hundreds of Mexicans killed.

It blows my mind that Obama still holds on to that Nobel Peace Prize.

It should be revoked, along with his presidency.

Two American presidents have been struck with impeachment, but neither were convicted for their crimes and peacefully removed from power.

We should work toward making Obama the first before he follows Nixon’s example — resigning before he could be impeached and receiving an undeserved presidential pardon.

Obama has sworn to uphold the Constitution and has proven negligent to do so.

This is a government by us, for us.

We have a duty to defend our liberties and demand justice for all.

­— edharo@indiana.edu
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