YOUniversity unofficially wins IUSA election


Members of YOUniversity hug after hearing that they won the IUSA election on Wednesday at the Beta Theta Pi House. YOUniversity won the vote by a sizable margin. Steph Langan Buy Photos

The unofficial vote tally, confirmed by Election Commissioner Melody Mostow, shows that YOUniversity won by a landslide 4,200 votes. Hoosiers 4 Solutions came in second with 1,721 votes and SPARC for IU finished third with 513 votes.

“It is indescribably great to see all our work pay off,” said Jose Mitjavila, YOUniversity’s presidential candidate. “After all this hard work and sacrifice ... Nothing has felt better than this.”

He said he wanted to thank everyone who volunteered with YOUniversity and voted for him and his running mates.

“In the past two days we spoke with such passion and conviction,” Mitjavila said. “Anyone who voted for YOUniversity understands ... in this following year we’re going to do our best.”

Sidney Fletcher, SPARC for IU’s presidential candidate, said he congratulated YOUniversity on the win.

“We thought they ran a great campaign, there’s no denying that,” Fletcher said. “They ran a highly effective campaign.”

Casey Shelburne, Hoosiers 4 Solutions presidential candidate, said he enjoyed the campaign experience and “wouldn’t have traded it for anything.”

“The turnout from our volunteers today was a great team effort ... I couldn’t be prouder of our group,” he said. “We were able to bring the issues students care about to the forefront. I really enjoyed meeting with all different students and talking about policies.”

He also said Hoosiers 4 Solutions is conducting investigations and considering filing a complaint with the Election Commision about other tickets’ campaign practices.

“We want to make sure that we have all our facts straight before we make any accusations,” Shelburne said. “The numbers that I saw do not seem to reflect the amount of work our people put in and what we saw on the ground today.”

The 2011 election featured the same number of opposing tickets, but 2,500 more voters than this year’s election.

Ty Nocita, SPARC’s chief of staff, said he was impressed by students’ interest in the issues despite the somewhat low voter turnout.

“You can still do well if you have good ideas,” Nicota said. “We came into this campaign kind of expecting to be broken down by lack of interest in the student body ... but there’s interest out there. Even though we didn’t win, we’re glad students got out there and voted.”

The IUSA Supreme Court will certify the election results no sooner than 24 hours after all properly-filed complaints have been submitted to the Election Commission for review. The deadline to file complaints is 4 p.m. today.


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