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Rebuttal: “Bisexual Bias”

By Francisco Tirado

So you can imagine that I was disheartened to see one of our pro-LGBT columnists write that bisexuals just don’t exist.

Comparing bisexuality to Bigfoot, he uses celebrities to make an argument, which is a problem in itself. I am as star-struck as the next person, but when it comes down to it, a celebrity is not a real person. Everything they do goes through a publicist first, and they are conscious of all the buzz it can create, positive or negative. Megan Fox is incomparable to the 16-year-old who is too scared to tell her conservative parents that perhaps she likes both genders.

Not to mention that the columnist claims there are too few male bisexuals in the mainstream media for it to be legitimate, which just isn’t true. Just to name a few: Ezra Miller, Cary Grant, Billy Joe Armstrong, Alan Cumming, James Dean, Michael Chabon, Cole Porter, Malcolm X and of course, David Bowie.

I understand the core concept that perhaps bisexuals are underrepresented, which is why there is such a stigma against them. But what troubles me is that this disjointed, mysogynistic, lazy claim only reinforces the stigma. Bisexuals are not mythological beings that dodge legitimacy. The column is a classic example of LGBT allies ganging up against their own team. It is blasphemy. It is transphobic, queerphobic and arrogantly obstinate. LGBT would be nothing without the “B” and “T.”

Working with the Human Rights Campaign this summer, I met people from all backgrounds, sexual orientations and “alternative” genders. There were identities I didn’t even know existed, but just because I’ve never heard of a “demisexual” or a “polysexual”  does not mean that fluid sexuality is completely out of the question. Limiting ourselves to “gay” and “straight” is not only close-minded, it is self-limiting. It shames the notion that young people should be exploring sexuality and gender.

Coming from a university that was host to the legendary Alfred Kinsey, I am shocked that we can’t think outside our neat little categories. According to Kinsey, human sexuality exists on a sliding scale. Our orientation is varied and complex, vacillating between same-sex attraction and heterosexual attraction.  There is no “normal.” Everyone is a little bit queer.

To stick to binaries is counter-productive. For gay men to say they don’t believe in bisexuality is to not believe in themselves, for it is that very heteronormative, cisgendered, patriarchial defamation that dug us into the rut LGBT rights are trapped in. If everyone was labeled like the columnist suggests, then there would be no diversity for the gay demographic.

Open up.


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