Yes, it is pronounced, “dead mouse.”

Yes, the mouse’s mortal enemy appears on the album cover.

Yes, that cat belongs to mau5 and its name is Meowingtons.

Joel Zimmerman is the man behind the mask, giving us everything we expect and everything we don’t.

Not many releases can successfully use samples from Cypress Hill, Imogean Heap and a 1970s alien sci-fi movie, but it seems most fitting for an album that doesn’t really have a title.

Zimmerman’s sixth studio album is EDM from all ends of the emotional spectrum. The opening “Superliminal,” delivers a dark, grungy vibe. “Channel 42,” brings the deadmau5 sounds of old.

Of course, mau5 brings influences from just about every other form of mainstream music along for the ride.

This project is a wonderful display of creativity and pushes the artist’s envelope. If you’re not prepared for a trip outside of the box, this may not be for you, but Daft Punk would be so proud.

By Patrick Guilfoyle

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