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Wings welcome new IU GOP members


By Claire Wiseman

Young GOP supporters got a little messy at Right Wing Night.

The IU College Republicans mixed politics and chicken wings as they welcomed new members to their group Friday night at BuffaLouie’s.

Right Wing Night is an annual favorite for the group, Communications Director and junior Kristin Cobb said.

It’s a chance for new and old members to interact with each other and alumni.
About 40 people attended the event.

Freshman Cameron Ikerd is a new member. He came for the free wings and to be involved, he said, because, “if you ain’t right, you’re left.”

After Ikerd and his friends walked in, they signed into a computer spreadsheet and entered their names for a chance to win one of a selection of the red, green and blue campaign T-shirts that hung along the wall of a nearby booth.

Social Chair and sophomore Alyssa Andrews has been a College Republicans member since her first year at IU.

She said she didn’t join to support a specific candidate.

“I’m in the College Republicans for the ideology behind it,” Andrews said.
Andrews said some students attend both College Republicans and IU College Democrats meetings to find out which party fits best.

Being a member has helped her network, she said, but it’s also helped her bring more to the table in conversations with adults.

Local campaign coordinator Pat Hastings said knowledge is a valuable asset to local campaigns.

Hastings, who attended Right Wing Night, is the Monroe County coordinator for State Treasurer Richard Mourdock’s U.S. Senate campaign.

“The College Republicans bring a vitality and an energy that really adds to a campaign,” Hastings said.

Along with fresh ideas, Hastings said the College Republicans tend to have more flexible schedules and an ideological drive that makes the group a valuable asset.
And, he said, they’re smart.

“They bring a lot of intelligence to the campaign, as well,” Hastings said.

He added that when Mourdock has visited College Republican meetings around the state, Hastings has seen the candidate “liven up” and seem more energized.

A group representing the Young Americans for Liberty also attended the event.

Though members of the group said they don’t necessarily support

Republican causes, they came to continue developing relationships with the group.
They also planned to enjoy the free wings.

Recent graduate Jeff Cummins returned to Bloomington specifically for Right Wing Night.

Cummins is a former College Republicans vice chairman and is now campaigning for several Republican candidates in southern Indiana.

“This is really a lot of fun,” Cummins said. “It’s a great way for the new folks to meet people.”

Cummins said he’d have to return to the campaign trail the next day.

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