By this time next year, it hopes to be available statewide.

Monte Speicher and Chris Inman started the Cutters nanobrewery as an after-work hobby in late 2010. The duo collaborated to brew the beers they wanted to drink in two-barrel batches, citing “exceptional beers for hard-working Hoosiers” as a company mantra.

Next month, they will open a 30-barrel brewing system in Avon, Ind.

“Demand right now is way higher than we can put out,” brewer Dustin Brown, 28, said.
“People are just now aware of what craft beer means.”

Brown, a Monroe County native who worked with the Bloomington Brewing Company for five years, recently became the Cutters’ newest brewer.

He will head brewing operations for the new location in Avon, which will make as much beer in two weeks as Cutters previously made in an entire year.  

The Cutters repertoire boasts three year-round beers and multiple seasonal brews, all of which are named after Indiana lore.

The “Floyd’s Folly” seasonal, named after ill-fated limestone cutter Floyd McCoy, features full-roasted malt and caramel flavors. Those looking for a crisp beverage should seek the “Lost River” summer ale, a foamy tribute to an underground southern Indiana river with spicy hops in the recipe.

Cutters’ beers can regularly be found on-tap at Yogi’s Grill & Bar or the Sweet Grass restaurant on West Patterson Drive.

“You can do so many things with beer,” he said. “We’re doing our own thing.”

By Jeff LaFave


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