Tips for Transitioning

Get enough sleep and exercise, and eat well

Maintaining good physical health is essential to balance mental and emotional health.

Stay active
Keeping busy during times of stress allows your mind to stay positive. Walk to Kirkwood, attend an athletic event or see a performance on campus.

Take a minute to appreciate accomplishments
Recognize what is going well in your life, from academics to friendships. Also realize that what you are doing (living in a foreign country) is a remarkable opportunity not everyone has.

Create new friendships
Meeting and learning about new people are important steps to acculturation.

Avoid using alcohol and illicit drugs as a way to cope
Many college students turn to alcohol and drugs to deal with the stress of college life, but using them only hides the problems and can even bring on more. Find healthier alternatives (exercise, reading, keeping a diary) to stay positive.

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Put it in park

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