IU Trivia

1. What is IU’s moto?

2. What is the name of IU’s mascot and nickname for students and fans?

3. Many buildings on IU’s campus are made with this gray stone. What is it?

4. Showalter Fountain is in the center of IU’s Fine Arts Plaza. What moment from Greek mythology does it depict?

5. What is an Arbutus?

6. What Chinese-American architect designed the IU Art Museum?

7. There are many libraries on campus. Which one is famous for rare books and manuscripts including the Gutenberg Bible and volumes of Islamic poetry?

8. Who is considered to be the most successful collegiate soccer coach in the history of the sport?
9. Elinor Ostrom won the Noble Prize in what area of research?

10. Who was named IU’s “Man of the Century” before his death in 2000?

1. Lux et Veritas. This Latin motto translates as Light and Truth.

2. Hoosier. People cannot agree, however, on what the word Hoosier means. For more information, see p.??

3. Limestone. Southern Indiana is famous for the mining of this material that is used in buildings around the world including the Empire State Building in New York City.

4. The fountain’s sculpture depicts the Birth of Venus.

5. An Arbutus is a flowering tree. It’s also the name of IU’s yearbook.
Want to have your photo in the yearbook? Get more info at idsnews.com/arbutus.

6. The museum was designed by I.M. Pei. He also designed the Louvre Pyramid in Paris.

7. The Lilly Library. Want to visit? You can get more info at indiana.edu/~liblilly.

8. IU’s Jerry Yeagley. The coach’s teams won six NCAA Championships and he never had a losing season as coach from 1973-2003.

9. Economics. Ostrom was a professor at IU until her death in June 2012.

10. Herman B Wells, the University’s 11th president and long-time chancellor. Wells was a much-beloved and visionary figure on campus.

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