Column: RZA’s kung fu film aspirations come to light

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Now, put Eli Roth into the mix. Besides his own films, including “Hostel,” he also has worked with Tarantino before making one of my favorite films of all time, “Inglourious Basterds.” In case you need a reminder of who Eli Roth is, YouTube search “They call me the Bear Jew” (I dare you to try not squealing at his entrance). Finally, let’s add another personality to take the film from a duet to a trio. Let’s add RZA. That’s correct, RZA, one of the members of Wu-Tang Clan.

This is not the first time these three men have collaborated. RZA worked with Tarantino for the soundtrack to “Kill Bill: Vol. 1.” What also might not seem too surprising is the film they’re making.

Tarantino, Roth and RZA are working together for a new kung fu film, guaranteeing America a movie full of sex, violence, great music and fantastic kung fu fight scenes.

Tarantino’s excellent work with kung fu scenes in “Kill Bill” will have a new element in “The Man With The Iron Fists.” Although RZA is directing it, Tarantino is producing it, and one can see Tarantino’s iconic style just from watching the trailer (i.e. the blood streaming in loops slow motion from freshly cut victims and an eye being punched out of someone’s head).

RZA co-wrote the screenplay with Eli Roth. The movie’s cast features the talents of Lucy Liu, Jamie Chung, RZA himself and Russell Crowe.

Though RZA is exploring his film career by directing “The Man With The Iron Fists,” he is not leaving his music career behind. What makes this film stand out is that it will be a kung fu movie with a hip-hop soundtrack. From the trailer, the music not only fits, but also increases the intensity.

The trailer and rumors give insight into what musicians will be on the soundtrack.

Some of these musicians include Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Wu-Tang Clan and RZA. RZA has used kung fu movie samples in
Wu-Tang songs.

It is exciting to see RZA finally make this movie, and knowing that Tarantino and Roth are behind it make the anticipation for fans that much greater.


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