The final days for a coach


Jim Krikham shouts advice to Cutters riders during a heat of Little 500 Miss-N-Out on March 31 at Bill Armstrong Stadium. Chet Strange Buy Photos


Exchange day. Since the track is still open, the riders will make sure their exchanges and bikes are still in good order. They’ll do a light day on the bike.


Off day. The riders will either take an off day or a day of active recovery in which they stretch their legs and get their blood flow going if they want, but not anything to stress their hearts.


Hard day. Wednesday is the last day at the track, so the riders will do last-minute exchanges, make sure all the bolts are tightened on the bikes and make sure the bikes roll the way they want them to. Then they’ll say goodbye to the track.


Light day. The riders will do maybe an hour on the bike on the road.


Hard day. Riders will do two hours on the bike with increased efforts.


Race day. The team will do a road warm-up before the race, about an hour-and-a-half road ride, before heading to the track to warm up the riders’ legs.


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