Favorites share their expectations

“After a disappointing finish in 2011, we’re hoping to stay safe and up front for the majority of the race and get positioned as best we can for the final sprint. Most other teams will be trying to do the same, but our depth is a key advantage. We’re hoping for excellent weather and track conditions that will allow us to perform our best.” — Will Kragie, Beta Theta Pi

“We expect Black Key Bulls rookie rider Spencer Brauchla to surprise the field with his incredible endurance this year. He has thrown down some wicked 50-lap sets on the track this preseason, and we expect him to do the same come race day.” — Daniel Kinn, Black Key Bulls

“On race day, the goal is to have fun and ride our race. We hope to stay at the front, control the tempo and ride smart.” — Adam Fish, Sigma Chi

“As long as we avoid the wrecks on race day, I feel there is a very good possibility of the Borg-Warner Trophy coming back to Delta Tau Delta. With 2012 being RJ’s (Stuart) and my last race, we are expecting a lot from ourselves come race day, and we feel pretty good about ending the Cutter’s Dynasty.” — Nick Lenard, Delta Tau Delta


“This is the day where we get to apply our year-round hard work and dedication. We’re going to go out there, race hard and have fun.” — Emma Caughlin, Teter

“Our expectations for this year’s race are the same we’ve had for every previous race. As a part of the Delta Gamma Cycling legacy, we are expected to ride a fair race, work with other teams and show the depth of our team with every member riding at her peak. This year, we’re here to win.” — Kayce Doogs, Delta Gamma

“After years of building a new and independent team, come April 20th, Wing It hopes to finally establish itself as a top contending women’s Little 500 team. We are aiming for a fast, clean and safe race.” — Melissa Moeller, Wing It Cycling

“With only two veteran riders, we strive to get our rookies the experience they need to excel on race day. After qualifying fourth, we hope to use our excellent starting position to help keep us on the lead pack all the way through lap 100!” — Marguerite Huber, Alpha Gamma Delta


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