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IU isn’t dumping your recycling

Little 500 is fast approaching and cycling is on our minds. But with the school year winding down, it is also the perfect time to revisit RE-cycling.

The scoop on smoothies

Save the money you’ve been spending on coffee shop smoothies and use it for a blender of your own. The Inside kitchen created and taste tested four healthy smoothie combinations for you to try this spring.

Turn that frown upside down

You rolled out of bed this morning and could just feel it: the day was going to be horrible. Learn how to change your mindset right off the bat.

DIY: Make your own video

Before you unfold your director’s chair to make the next big music video, make sure to consider these tips from telecommunications professors Jim Krause and Jo Throckmorton. Krause is currently teaching T351: Video Field and Post Production, and Throckmorton is a producer and director for Blue Ace Media Group and is currently teaching T436: Advanced Production Workshop.

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