Less fun than Lyme disease


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However, with booze, drugs and women as the lyrical muse for much of the album, Deer Tick acts much less like children than the balding middle-aged men in jean jacket vests and skull bandanas playing at the local watering hole whose regulars just got off work at the mine.

The rest of “Divine Providence” does nothing to dispel this scenario, especially with tracks like drinking anthem “Let’s All Go To The Bar” and rabble-rousing “Something To Brag About.”

When slower moments like “Now It’s Your Turn” and the slightly creepy closer “Miss K.” try to add depth, nonsensical lyrics and strained vocals hold them back, leaving “Divine Providence” pretty one-dimensional.

Because when it comes down to it, Deer Tick just wants it known they can drink more than you can. In that way, mission accomplished.

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