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Tibet Shop is located on Indiana Avenue. Rabi Abonour Buy Photos

116 N. Walnut St.

With an assortment of embroidered tops, flowing floor-length skirts, hand-dyed scarves, tapestries and unique stone and silver jewelry, Athena has it all.

It also sells a variety of global music, including CDs for belly dancing, meditation, drumming and Latin dance.

As a free-trade store, Athena’s buyers regularly fly to Bali, Indonesia, to purchase jewelry directly from local artisans.

“Our buyers like to meet with the local artists and do business with them personally. That’s about as fair-trade as it gets,” Athena sales associate Katelin Vesely said.

Along with Indonesian jewelry, Athena’s merchandise comes from Guatemala, Poland, Nepal, India and West Africa, among others. Prices range from about $15 to $60.


114 S. Indiana Ave.

Known for the famous “Magic Skirt,” which can transform into a number of different styles of tops or dresses, Tibet Shop sells gorgeous handmade clothing and jewelry.

At fair prices, Tibet Shop retails silver earrings, pendants and necklaces, as well as colorfully embroidered dresses, purses and tapestries. They also have a whole wall dedicated to scarves.

Prices range from about $2 to $90.


122 N. Walnut St.

Stocked with merchandise from more than 35 countries, Global Gifts supports artisans worldwide as a fair-trade, non-profit, volunteer run store.

The store offers knitted hats made from deconstructed saris from India, vibrant hand-beaded headbands from Guatemala, silver cuff bracelets from Indonesia and woven totes from Bangladesh.

It even places a tag on every item in the store to indicate where the article originates, and some tags tell a story about the particular history of the material or artist.

“International students will see things in our store that are familiar to them in craftsmanship. We also provide them with a chance to support artisans in their home country,” Volunteer Coordinator and Assistant Manager Tana Hellwig said.

Prices range from about $2 to $100.

322 E. Kirkwood Ave.

If you’re searching for one-of-a-kind jewelry that makes a chic statement, head on over to Moon Stones. The store offers an array of rings, earrings, necklaces, bags and silk scarves from Africa, South America, India and Israel.

Prices range from about $2 to $50.


Moon Stone is located on Kirkwood Avenue. Rabi Abonour Buy Photos


Global Gifts is located on Walnut Street. Rabi Abonour Buy Photos


Athena is located on Walnut Street. Rabi Abonour Buy Photos

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