How to get around IU

around it.

Biking & Walking  
The majority of students either bike or walk to class — among the easiest ways to get around campus. The city has many easily accessible bike paths.

“It is beautiful around campus, and I walk as my main source of exercise,” recent graduate Meredith Hanrahan said. “I don’t think any distance is too long to walk on campus. So, I prefer to walk unless weather is bad.”

Both the city and IU offer buses around campus and town. Bloomington Transit provides free transportation on any route with an IU student ID.

A commonly used route by students is the 9, which goes to College Mall and Kroger, allowing easy access to groceries and shops.

IU buses also travel pretty much anywhere you need to go on campus, including Memorial Stadium and Third Street.

Taxi & other options
If you can’t catch a bus and don’t feel like walking, you can always call a cab. Rates are billed by zone, person and sometimes carrying items, like large suitcases.

Bloomington resident Emily Brown said cabs are a nice convenience.

“I don’t often use cabs, but it is good to have another option,” she said.

Zipcars are cars parked on campus that can be taken out. After a registration process, you receive a card. You simply reserve a car at a certain time and pick it up.

IU Safety Escort
If it’s late at night and you’re afraid to walk, you can call the IU Safety Escort. This service will transport you from any campus location to any other campus location or from one off-campus location to a campus location or vice versa for free.

The hours are Monday through Thursday from 8 p.m. to 1:45 a.m. and Friday/Saturday from 8 p.m. to 11:45 p.m.

Travel to other counties or cities
If you’re looking to explore Indianapolis or another part of the country and need to get to the airport there are many options.

Bloomington Shuttle and Star of America both offer shuttle rides to the airport for $15, and they pick up from several campus locations.

Mi Sook Kim, a Bloomington resident, said the shuttle is worth it.

“Shuttles to Indianapolis Airport definitely make (it an) easier trip to other states.”

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