Friends promote 'Traffic Safety Fridays'


To be outside as much as possible during Traffic Safety Friday, the crowd sometimes brought out a grill. Freshman James Legget, Purdue seniors Devin Vincent and Evan Haupert, and juniors Joey Shrock and Ryan Dagley surrounded the grill waiting for the food to cook. Vincent and Haupert were visiting the residents of the Traffic Safety House for the weekend. Steph Aaronson Buy Photos

In October, sophomore Ben Hauser, juniors Frank “Mac” Trechsel and Jack McMahon and senior Joey Shrock moved chairs outside of their house at the intersection of South Mitchell Street and Atwater Avenue and took a sharpie to a sheet of cardboard.

They said they and their friends first recognized the dangerous intersection in September while sitting on their porch.

“Traffic Safety Friday” is now a weekly event, where the roommates and various friends hold signs, dance and catch up from noon to 5 p.m.

Drivers express their love of “Traffic Safety Friday” with numerous honks, “knucks,” waves and gifts.

“We make people’s day,” said junior Aaron Cox.


Senior Joey Shrock holds a "Click It or Ticket" sign Friday Feb. 18. Shrock participates because "people really like it." The group recieves a lot of positive feedback from drivers and was told by a UPS truck driver who frequently passes their house that it is the highlight of her Friday. Steph Aaronson Buy Photos


From left to right: junior Jack McMahon, senior Joey Shrock, sophomore Matt Hills, and juniors Aaron Cox and Todd Miner sit outside on Jan. 28. Every week the group brings out furniture from their house including a recliner, lamp, chairs, table, boom box, and a couch. The couch was donated to the group one Friday afternoon by a passerby, and was one of the first gifts they received. Although they have never asked for donations, friendly fans have given food, gift cards, and even cash to keep the tradition going. Steph Aaronson Buy Photos


The crowd gets excited about Traffic Safety Friday because it offers a chance to spend the day with friends and make passersby smile. Sophomore Ben Hauser, who lives at the Traffic Safety House, loves the large number of parents and Bloomington residents who get excited to see the students outside. "It's a blast," says junior Aaron Cox. Sophomores Trey Richardson and Nick Maloy and junior Zach Robinson hang out with Hauser and Cox on April 9. Hauser pumps his fists after a car honks at the crowd. Steph Aaronson Buy Photos


The "Knucks Bro!" sign is a favorite among the group and the drivers, because they it lets the drivers interact with the group. "Even if the sign is not out there, people who drive by will still knuck us," says sophomore Ben Hauser. Junior Andrew Greiner stands on the corner with Hauser, yelling after a driver for giving great "knucks." Steph Aaronson Buy Photos


The group loves when buses drive by. Sophomore Ben Hauser stands with Junior Zach Robinson and freshman James Legget and holds a sign that reads "Knucks Bro!" while a bus rider responds with knucks out the window Feb 18. The children on school buses love cramming up to the left-side windows to wave and give "knucks". Bloomington Transit bus drivers have honked and even announced over the speaker about the Traffic Safety Friday crowd. One time a Bloomington Transit driver opened the doors to the bus, let Legget jump on and give him "knucks." Steph Aaronson Buy Photos


Junior James Moeller waves while dressed as Waldo from the "Where's Waldo?" books as juniors Jack McMahon and Aaron Cox, and senior Joey Shrock sit under a canopy to stay dry on rainy Friday March 4. Excluding winter and spring break Fridays, the students have not missed a Friday since they started in October. The "Use Turn Signal" sign is a remake of the original, which is framed in their living room. Steph Aaronson Buy Photos

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