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Cutters break away, break record with 4th-straight championship


By Stephanie Kuzydym

2007. 2008. 2009. 2010.

Four straight years the Cutters have crossed the finish line of the men’s Little 500 first.

Through downpours, thunder and yes, even lightning. The 32 other teams of the 60th running of the men’s Little 500 were not able to hold off the Cutters’ victory.

Prior to the start of the race, officials had said that the race could officially be called after lap 101. But after a 30-minute race suspension on lap 104, officials waved the green flag again.

Race conditions never really improved after the delay. Rain was steady, but no major crashes occurred.

On lap 198, Delta Tau Delta junior RJ Stuart went down on an exchange with teammate Jon Myrvold. Stuart immediately got up and took off to try and catch Phi Delta Theta and Cutters, who were exchanging the one and two position.

Then on the final lap, the Cutters broke away just after rounding turn two. Phi Delta Theta’s Steve Sharp tried to catch up, but it was no use. The Cutters crossed the finish line, arms raised, with Phi Delta Theta finishing .01 seconds behind.

It was announced at the race that Delta Tau Delta had finished third, but Phi Gamma Delta disputed it. IU Student Foundation video verified that in fact Phi Gamma Delta had beaten Delta Tau Delta.

Nonetheless, Cutters will return next year wearing that yellow jersey.

1. Cutters

2. Phi Delts

3. Phi Gamma Delta

4. Delta Tau Delta

5. Beta Theta Pi

6. Gray Goat Cycling

7. Sigma Chi

8. Sigma Nu

9. Phi Kappa Psi

10. Black Key Bulls

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