Intolerance is a two-way street

However, the liberal hypocrisy and political correctness on this campus is literally sickening me. It is evidenced far and wide across campus that liberals love to call those who do not agree with them bigoted, close-minded, etc.

The General Peter Pace “incident” is one of the most ridiculous complaints I have ever heard.

The man was not given an award based on his personal beliefs. He was recognized due to the fact that he has been an outstanding professional leader for our country – his beliefs are completely irrelevant.

The “controversy” over renaming the Ora L. Wildermuth Intramural Center is another mockery. Every single person in the world has beliefs that offend someone.

The fact is that his beliefs were largely socially accepted at the time, and whether they were right or wrong is irrelevant. He did great things for the University and deserves to be honored.

Should we look at David Starr Jordan or Michael Maurer or Joseph Wright and see who they offended?

And if they offended people, how do we determine whether or not it is worth stripping them of a deserving honor?  Whose feelings matter, anyway?

I would like to know why it is acceptable for liberals to offend conservatives and hold beliefs that we disagree with, but it is bigotry when we hold views liberals disagree with. 

What makes your views and feelings more valuable than ours? Why is it okay for you to offend me with your lifestyle but not okay for me to offend you with my beliefs?

I would love to believe that liberals could practice what they preach – compassion, humility and the common good of all.

And while a few bad apples on the left would spit on me when I wear a “My Man Mitch” shirt on campus, I know most liberals would not. 

Still, if liberals are going to cry foul, they had better first take a long look in the mirror.

Ryan Short
IU sophomore

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