Fashion major reaches others through job, classwork

Every day, senior Bailey Redick gets up by 8 a.m. \n"I always have something to do," she said.\nRedick is a runner who has competed in a 26-mile marathon. She wants to join the Air Force and she is a resident assistant in McNutt Quad.\nAdditionally, since she majors in costume construction technology, she has the skill to make her own clothes.\nRedick will graduate in May 2007 from the Individualized Major Program with a Bachelor of Arts in fashion design, a Bachelor of Science in apparel merchandising, an associate's degree in costume construction technology and a business minor. Many would be intimidated by such a load, but Redick said she loves what she does.\n"I run," Redick said. "If I stopped running, it's like everything just comes crashing down." \nShe said she has to find time to run at least twice a week. Training for the Los Angeles Marathon two years ago helped her to learn the benefits of long-term goal-setting, she said. \n"I still can't fathom that I did that," she said, adding that she finished in the top 25 percent of her age division.\nThose who know Redick acknowledge her proactive attitude.\n"When Bailey makes up her mind to do something, I don't think there's a lot that can stop her," said John Summerlot, a residence coordinator at McNutt. \nSummerlot has worked with Redick since August 2004 and said her ability to work with residents and fellow employees, along with her attention to her personal health, makes her an asset to the staff. \nSummerlot has had the privilege of benefiting from Redick's craftiness. He said last year Redick had to make a toddler's outfit for a class, and his 2-year-old daughter was the perfect age to be the recipient of the piece.\n"Bailey made an awesome pair of blue corduroy overalls for her that have rainbow suspenders and colorful buttons on them," Summerlot said. "(My daughter is) almost 2 now and they are soon going to be too small for her but yet if she picks out her own clothes that day, she will pick those every time." \nSummerlot said Redick also made a matching purse, and his daughter carries it with her every time she wears the overalls. \n"We knew how much it meant to Bailey," Summerlot said.\nRedick has also created an original tutu, corset, vest and party dress for her classes. Still, she insists her work could use improvement.\n"When I look at things, I think 'I could have done that so much better,'" she said. "As I keep learning, I'm going to get better."\nRedick said she has learned a lot about time management and how to balance a social life through her job at McNutt on top of a full load of school work. She said she became an RA because she realized what a great advantage she had in coming to IU. \n"I became one because I wanted to give back to the University," Redick said. "I wanted to be a part of the bigger picture."\nShe said the job is challenging, but worthwhile. \n"Things that happen are so unexpected," Redick said. "It's my job to be there for people. This job makes me feel I'm doing something right, something good."\nRedick said she also wants to do something good by joining the Air Force Reserve when she graduates, even enduring Basic Training that lasts six weeks. Her father has been in the Air Force for 40 years, and she recently decided it would be a good choice for her to start out with before she dives into the competitive world of fashion design. \n"I don't know yet what I want to do," Redick said. "If I were to graduate and go into the fashion design world right away, I'd be a little lost. A part of me wants to do something good and give back to everyone"

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