Guns, guns, guns, guns - and guns

Go see this movie right now. Stop reading this article and go to the theater to see this movie. You can read this review later, it'll be here, but "Bowling for Columbine" may not be in town for long. So go see it while you can, and then come back to this review.\nOK, now that we have all seen this amazing documentary, we all know how hilarious, dramatic, shocking and informative this film really is. Rarely does a film come out to the mainstream audience that is this powerful.\nDirector, writer and star Michael Moore's film "Bowling for Columbine" looks at violence in America and tries to examine why members of our society like to kill each other so much. Its title comes from the fact that the two Columbine shooters were at bowling class right before they decided to kill their classmates. Right from the start of the film -- a scene that shows Moore getting a free rifle for opening up a bank account -- you realize what this film is about, but in no way can you predict how shocking the information Moore presents to the audience really can be.\nWhether it's hanging out with the Michigan Militia, going to the Kmart headquarters with two Columbine survivors to show off their collection of Kmart bullets (still imbedded in them), or talking with National Rifle Association President Charlton Heston, Moore does an amazing job of showing how gun-crazy our society is. \nHe doesn't just show us, though; he also tries to analyze why Americans love bloodshed so much, especially when compared to Canadians, Japanese, British and even Germans. The facts do not lie, and there are so many facts in this movie that I personally wanted to hide in the theater so I could watch it again during the next screening. I will warn you though: there are many images, along with a lot of information, that will, I repeat, will shock you. \nI personally loved this movie and everything about it. Not everyone will love it, and a lot of people will hate it. Whatever your opinions are about guns, you need to see this movie. You may hate it, you may love it, but either way, every person in the United States needs to see this movie.

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