DVD entertaining back to front

Memento - R Starring: Guy Pearce and Karrie Anne-Moss Directed by: Christopher Nolan

That is why everyone should see this movie, and now that it is in DVD, everyone should see this movie more than once. The special features aren't amazing, but the movie stands on its own as a worthy buy. As mentioned before, this movie shocked audiences by being totally unconventional and surprising, thus making it astounding.\nNow, if you have seen "Memento" you can understand why the first paragraph is written as it is. If you have not, pay attention. \n"Memento" surprised audiences with its very small release by being totally confusing, unconventional and backwards. Yes, backwards. The first scene in the movie is actually the last scene, thus making the final scene in the movie the beginning. Sound confusing? Well, it is.\nThe movie shortly rose to become a critical favorite with its amazing story, acting and surprises. Leonard (Guy Pearce) is looking for the man who raped and murdered his wife. His problem is that Lenny has a condition that does not allow him to make new memories and can only remember the last 10 minutes. The movie works better backwards because the audience experiences the story as Lenny does.\nThe special features on the disc aren't the best, but the DVD is worth owning. One of the better special features is an interview with director/writer Christopher Nolan shown earlier this year on the Independent Film Channel. The interview lets the audience in on why and how Nolan created the film, but sadly does not explain any of the confusing parts. The unclear parts should be explained in the commentary, but, depressingly, there is no commentary. If any movie is worth an actor/director explanation, it is "Memento." You can only come to the conclusion that it was left out so the creators could release the DVD as soon as possible, and create an amazing special edition disc in the future like "Dogma SE" and the upcoming "Almost Famous SE."\nAlong with the interview, there is the short story that the movie is based on, "In Momentum," written by the director's brother Jonathan Nolan. There is also a close-up look at Leonard's tattoos (to help him remember important things) and a copy of all his notes. Another thing that the disc is missing is a copy of the film in chronological order. The movie is not as good this way, but at least fans can view "Memento" in its entirety beginning to end without skipping back a chapter every time. The movie is great and the best thing is you can now watch it over and over again to completely understand the confusing plot.

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