812 The Magazine celebrates southern Indiana – its cities, its small towns, its natural beauty, its rich history, its local food and its creative, friendly people.  We want to remind ourselves why it’s a compliment to be called a Hoosier and to tell visitors why Indiana is not just a crossroads, but a destination.

From south of Indianapolis to the Ohio River, we’ll lead readers down highways, back roads and hiking trails to find intriguing places they haven’t been and meet remarkable people they haven’t met.  We’ll explore the quiet beauty of our parks and forests and rivers in all seasons.  And we’ll venture into southern Indiana’s past to see how it shapes both our present and our future.

812 The Magazine is as project of students at the Indiana University School of Journalism.  Each semester, students in J360: Creating an Indiana Magazine produce an issue, supplying all of the reporting, editing, photography and design. They also oversee publication of print copies, which are distributed throughout Southern Indiana.

Contents may not be reproduced without written consent of the school.

For more information, contact School of Journalism lecturer Nancy Comiskey by email at ncomiske@indiana.edu, or by telephone at 812-856-1915.


Bridget Ameche, staff writer
Bridget Ameche is a senior from the Chicago suburbs. She started off wondering how the Tulip Trestle fits into Southern Indiana’s history and loved learning how far-reaching its influence is.

Allison Berry, web editor
Camping novice and senior web editor Allison Berry took the taste-testing very seriously during her outdoor cooking expedition.

Erin Boland, editor
Even though editor and senior Erin Boland loves her family, she doesn’t think she could ever go into business with them.

Sarah Boyum, photo editor
Photo editor Sarah Boyum, a junior from Noblesville studying journalism and political science, enjoyed traveling a new part of her home state to unearth small town charm.

Alexea Candreva, staff writer
Alexea Candreva, a sophomore journalism major from northwestern Indiana, couldn’t get enough of the rich history, food and people she found in Clarksville, Salem and Paoli.

Nick Clark, staff writer
Senior Nick Clark has loved playing the banjo for years but only recently discovered how much fun playing with chickens can be.

Feroze Aulakh Dhanoa, social media editor
Feroze Aulakh Dhanoa is a junior majoring in journalism all the way from New Delhi, India. She never thought she would become a fan of Chick TV.

Victoria Gold, staff writer
Los Angeles native and junior Victoria Gold never thought she would trade in her title as  “Southern California’s expert sunbather“ to “Southern Indiana camp chef.”

Rachel Graham, co-art director
Rachel Graham is a senior from central Indiana. She set out to discover the difference between muskmelons and cantaloupes–and came back loving both.

Emma Grdina, co-art director
Art director Emma Grdina is a junior from Northwest Indiana. She enjoyed exploring back roads of Indiana while uncovering the rich history of Indiana’s rails.

Heather Hourigan, staff writer
Heather Hourigan is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism. She couldn’t capture on film how delicious the s’mores she tried were.

Carmen Huff, staff writer
Carmen Huff is a sophomore journalism major from Floyds Knobs. She enjoyed learning how to turn rocks into gems, instead of taking them for granite.

Brittany McNeelan, staff writer
Senior Brittany McNeelan, from Versailles, never thought she would milk a cow. While spending the day on an organic farm, she learned a new respect for the old-fashioned way of life.

Dianne Osland, staff writer
Dianne Osland is a junior studying journalism and biology. Before writing the orchids article, she hadn’t seen a live orchid since the senior prom.

Libby Peterson, managing editor
Minneapolis native and managing editor Libby Peterson admired the dedication and heart that goes into running mom-and-pops and was glad to find that family shops endure in Southern Indiana.

Nancy Comiskey, instructor
A lecturer at the I.U. School of Journalism, Indiana native Nancy Comiskey had the honor of working with these talented young journalists on this magazine — and the privilege of rediscovering the state she loves through their eyes.